We recently expanded to University of Texas at Austin
with a student led group AWIS at UT Austin.

Welcome to Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Austin

The Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Austin is a local affiliate of the national AWIS organization.
AWIS provides support and training for women in the STEM fields.

We provide continuing education, mentor programs, seminars, and connections with national leaders in the STEM fields and U.S. policymaking.
AWIS works at both a national and local level with women from college level up through professional levels.
At the national level, there are leadership and fellowship opportunities for women in STEM, training and
seminars for issues that impact women in these fields, and research and information on national policies on STEM.

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AWIS Mission in Austin

AWIS Austin’s mission is to develop and strengthen the community of women pursuing careers in the STEM fields. We would like to support Austin Women by providing them with continuing education through monthly lecture series and special seminars, opportunities to find a mentor or become a mentor, and connecting them with other national and international women’s networks for career and personal development.

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Who We Are

Since its establishment in March 2014, AWIS Austin has Two officers: Dr. Margo Lee, President;
and Sophie Sanchez, President of AWIS UT Student group. We will begin to add new officers in 2018-2019.

Dr. Margo Lee became President of AWIS Austin in March 2014. She holds degrees from George Mason University (Ph.D. in Science and Technology Policy with specialization in Biotech Policy), Johns Hopkins University (M.S. in Biotechnology), and Rutgers University (Biology with specialization in Biotechnology).

Sophie Sanchez is President of AWIS UT Student group. Sophie is a Neuroscience PhD student at UT. She received her BS in Biology with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology from Texas A&M University.

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