The Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Austin is a local affiliate of the national AWIS organization. AWIS provides support and training for women in the STEM fields. We provide continuing education, mentor programs, seminars, and connections with national leaders in the STEM fields and U.S. policymaking. AWIS works at both a national and local level with women from college level up through professional levels. At the national level, there are leadership and fellowship opportunities for women in STEM, training and seminars for issues that impact women in these fields, and research and information on national policies on STEM. At the local level, AWIS provides continuing education through monthly lecture series, seminars, mentoring programs, and networking opportunities. Together, AWIS strengthens and supports women scientists to achieve better work satisfaction and acts as a tool to build a strong career in the future world of STEM.

AWIS Mission

  • Advocacy and Public Engagement: AWIS works at the nexus of STEM and gender to provide high quality policy solutions and recommendations to broadening participation across all disciplines and employment sectors.
  • Leadership and Talent Development: AWIS helps women in STEM achieve their full potential though leadership and professional talent development at all career stages and all workplace settings.
  • Research and Policy Analysis: AWIS provides research and analysis on contemporary issues relevant to America’s STEM enterprise. Thought leadership includes workforce recruitment, retention and recognition.
  • Publications and Media: AWIS honors excellence in STEM by recording women’s contributions and impact on society as executives, faculty, volunteers, mathematicians, moms, scientists, and engineers.
  • Events: AWIS delivers community to members through programs and events which connect women with common values and experience.