AWIS Lecture Announcement July 2016


Dear AWIS Members and Guests,

Please join us for our AWIS Summer Lecture titled:

“The Act of Being Brave.”

Thinking of changing jobs or negotiating a salary raise in the next couple of years? Many recent studies have shown that women in STEM often do not negotiate salary or promotions well and do not advocate effectively for themselves. This talk will address the theory behind why women are less likely to promote themselves and how we can learn to be braver in our careers.

Our speaker for the evening will be Misty Mogford, HR Manager at Asuragen. Misty has her BA in Public Administration from Texas State University in San Marcos.After college, Misty campaigned as a legislative liaison for House Representative Patrick Rose and realized her true passion was working with people.She became a recruiter from 2008-2010 and joined Anue Systems, Inc as their HR Representative in 2011.Misty’s experience has been in the high technology industry for the past 5 years before joining Asuragen as the HR Manager in March of this year.Misty lives in East Austin with her husband, daughter and enjoys being a part of the Austin culture.

Thursday, July 28
6:00-8:00 pm
2150 Woodward Street, Suite 100, Austin
Dinner and drinks will be served.
There will an opportunity to network with fellow AWIS members
and guests, 6:00 pm onwards.
RSVP to Margo Lee (President) at AwisAustin.President@yahoo. com